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I recently had the pleasure of dining at Mecha Uma, at the RCBC building in The Fort.

I had been hearing so much buzz about Mecha Uma from my extreme foodie and wine customers but I hadn’t had time to go until lately.

It was the endorsement of members of the IFWS that got me curious. I don’t normally take recommendations of restaurants from people unless I know they’re as obsessive as me. Members of IFWS are usually more obsessive than I am.

I called ahead and asked about corkage policies. No corkage being charged but you have to order a bottle from their list (whether wine or sake) and then you can order a bottle.

I brought my Weingut Von Prinz Hessen Dachsfilet Riesling just as a safe wine pairing bet.

I took my brother and we both sat at the bar so we could see the action in the kitchen.

Mecha Uma

I ordered a Junmai Daiginjo sake but they ran out so they gave me the next best available.

Mecha Uma

The night I went, they didn’t have the omakase option. They only had a la carte. The Chef Patron Bruce Ricketts was there and he explained that he offered a la carte that week because he missed cooking.

I did all the ordering (of course) and ordered a bunch of dishes to try.

All of the dishes were served in small portions, kind of tapas style, so it’s best to order a bunch and eat everything as the food comes.

I won’t be able to put the full descriptions because I didn’t take any. There was no space on the bar for me to write and I was too amused by the food to type into my phone.

I hope you can see the deliciousness through my photos.

Halibut – this was a ceviche type of dish. I normally don’t eat dishes with vinegar but the vinegar wasn’t overpowering. It was also quite refreshing and a good palate cleanser in between rich dishes.

Mecha Uma


Mecha Uma

Oyster – This was probably my favorite as it was the richest, with foie and mushroom. If you’re an umami fanatic, this is your dish. I liked it so muc, I ordered it twice.

Mecha Uma

Chicken – This was their version of fried chicken. Very flavorful and juicy and moist inside.
Mecha Uma

Kurobota Pork Belly – Very tenderMecha Uma

Udon Mecha Uma

Black Cod – This was my second favorite dish. Very rich flavors, perfectly cooked fish, great accompaniments, complimentary in flavor.

Mecha Uma
I also ordered Wagyu Rice because the server suggested it. I guess Filipinos look for rice when they go to that restaurant to eat but personally, you don’t need rice anymore. I didn’t bother to take a photo and my brother ate most of it anyway. The dishes are packed in flavor so you will be full without that gross “I’ve overeaten” feeling that a cup of rice will give you.My brother and I shared a dessert but we were so full already so he also ate most of it.

CoconutMecha Uma

I highly recommend this restaurant if you want a different experience in food (in Manila).

I will definitely be back for the Omakase option.

All I need is…TIME.