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This is me by the Riedel sign, outside their factory, in Kufstein, Austria.

One of my good friends had the good heart to take this wine geek for an hour’s drive from Innsbruck, with a 10 month old son mind you, for the complete wine geek experience.

After all, what good is your wine if you put it in a crappy glass?

My friend told the Riedel staff that I was one of the few female sommeliers in the Philippines and they got excited and gave me a free tour!

They even asked if I was willing to wait if Mr. Maximilian Riedel could maybe meet me and I said yes but I think he was too busy that day.

Anyway…we took the tour. Even the baby Alexander! And he was quite thrilled with the tour. Well-behaved all throughout.

This is our tour guide, explaining to us the history of Riedel and how having different wines in different shapes of glasses, change the perception of how the wine tastes like.

Already at 9 months...Little Alexander is interested in learning about which wine goes in which glass.

Some of the other people on the short tour, Americans!

We then went out into the main factory, keeping the baby in the viewing room where it was airconditioned. The main factory was HOT, HOT, HOT. I could feel my face melting. It was due to all the fire for melting glass and for blowing glass. It was AWESOME. I had seen glass being blown in Venice with the murano but this was something else altogether. I saw the decanters being made!

I couldn’t stay long in the factory cause it was too hot and I have a history of fainting in hot environments so I proceeded to my most favorite activity.


I literally got crazy eyes when I entered the store. The prices were so reasonable compared to the prices here (almost times three due to tax and shipping costs).

I couldn’t of course buy 12 glasses of every set they made so I had to choose carefully.

I got the Black Sommelier Glasses on the top left corner, ideal for blind tasting. It is now 2015 and i still have not used those black glasses because I have not done any blind tasting lately. HAHA

Check out the rows and rows of glasses!

I also got the 40 Year Anniversary Sommelier Burgundy Grand Cru Glasses, a simple decanter, those micro beads for cleaning the decanter, and micro fiber cloths.

I literally had to tear myself away from that store.

I got all of these without thinking about how I was going to bring them all home in my tiny 20kg suitcase that was already half-filled with clothes.

Luckily, my friend saved my ass again by offering to bring them with her on her next trip.

I went in May and 5 months later, she had them with her.



See my happy face!