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After Germany, I made my way to Austria to visit two sisters, one in was in Vienna, the other in Innsbruck. I’ve known these girls since forever and I thank them for being such great hosts for the second time in a row!

I hit Vienna first as I had never been there. I managed to find the correct train and arrived in Vienna with perfect weather.

My friend Sacki picked me up from the train station and brought me to my awesome hipster hotel.

My friend helped me make a reservation at Steirereck for my early dinner as she had to go back to work. When I Got there, turns out they were closed for renovation but their bistro was open so I ate there instead.

Was definitely excited to try Viennese cuisine and wine.

I got the Steirereck Weltliner and the Blaufrankisch.

The staff were very nice to me, considering I looked very out of place. HAHA!

This dessert was awesome. It was almond cake with strawberries. Kind of like financiers which are my favorite!!!

Got ready for the next few days in Vienna for some trip highlights including:

Spanische Hofreitschule – Spanish Riding School

Other than food and wine, I love horses and equestrian so this was a must-do in my list and was in fact, first on my to-do list. I watched the morning exercise and took the tour of the stables.

A break between the morning exercise and the stables tour enabled me to find the must-see Cafe Central which has been an institution in Vienna.

My dripping nose due to the bad weather warranted a hot soup.

And even though I don’t eat sweets, I ordered a cake for the sake of tradition. It was another almond cake, also good, but this time I couldn’t finish it.Another highlight of the trip was going to Naschmarkt which is their famous food market. In California, I ate at a restaurant called Nashcmarkt, inspired by this famous market. I never thought I would get to the real market and I was thrilled.

My friend and I had a drink first to kill time before raiding the stalls.

Stopped at a stall which made fresh pasta so I freaked out.

Met up with a few friends after at a nearby wine bar for more Austrian wine education.

That Blaufrankisch was phenomenal. It was still quite young but had a lot of layers of flavor and depth. Came recommended by one of the wine guys working in the store.

Met a few new friends which is the whole point of sharing wine, community!

Another Vienna highlight was visiting the Wieninger winery and meeting Mr. Fritz Wieninger.

It was quite a trip about an hour  from downtown but it was worth it as I got to do some tastings with him!

His sweet puppy hung out with me during the tasting!

This was my favorite bottle.

IT was his most expensive bottle. Of course. I really have a knack for liking the most expensive ones.

Thank you to Mr. Fritz Wieninger for having me around and for my friend Ava for hooking me up, all the way from the Philippines at such a short notice.

Didn’t really do the tourist site thing except for a walk through Schloss Schonbrunn cause the weather sucked for the 4 days that I was there.

I jumped on the train after to Innsbruck and apparently, the weather got better.

It was I that brought the horrible weather so I will have to go back to Vienna.