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It’s raining cats and dogs in Metro Manila so a lot of people are staying at home for safety reasons, instead of going to work, me included. Being stuck in a flood is NOT FUN.

So here I am, with enough idle time to post about another wine dinner I attended, this one sponsored by Banfi with Guillaumme, regional director for Asia for Banfi.

This wine dinner was held earlier in the year, and more casual than other wine dinners I’ve attended, which I liked. 


I sat at the table with Guillamme and the rest of the industry people and brought along my friend Kate with me. Kate works for one of the biggest retail and land companies in the Philippines. She does marketing for them so I’ve been convincing her to learn wine so she can put together wine events for her upscale clients and the big honcho of the company. 

Kate is a beer drinker so convincing her to turn over to the wine world is a slow but steady process. Right, Kate?! HAHA!


We had a salad which I ate so fast because I was starving followed by this fish course.

They served the salad and the soup with the Banfi Fumaio and Collepino. 

I enjoyed this wine the most, and drank the most of it, and bought a bottle at the end of the dinner to keep at home.


They were joking at the table that I was a hard core wine drinker because that day was scorching and it was too hot to drink that kind of wine. 

They said Filipina women fall into two extremes, one that doesn’t drink at all, and one that drinks too much. I fall in the 2nd category obviously. 

The Castello Banfi Belnero Toscana 2010 is composed mostly of Sangiovese with some Cabernet and Merlot blended. The wine had a lot of earthy notes balanced with red fruit and vanilla. 


They paired the wine with this course.


My friend Kate barely touched hers so I drank her share as well. HAH!

She did eat all of her dessert, and most of mine. The Filipinos’ weakness: sweets. 

This one was a mousse cake I think.

I’m not a dessert eater, so I let her eat it, though it was really good.


The wine dinner ended early and we left together with most of the industry people.

Kate and I headed out to meet our other friends, so she can FINALLY have her beer.