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This place is not new. It’s been around for a while. 

I’m usually here with my friends at night drinking wine or at a wine function but I’m posting about it because I ate here for the first time while there’s sun out and it was a novelty for me.

I kind of liked the lunch ambience more as it was peaceful and kind of calm in the middle of Sunday Manila craziness. Being in this place for lunch on Sunday is kind of like coming in for late lunch at 3 pm in NYC, after nursing a severe hangover from the night before.


Nobody was there. Just three tables. I liked it but for a restaurant, that’s not good, although they were probably full the night before and that’s okay. Sunday is chill day for restaurant staff when it’s known for their nightlife. 


I love the whole chalkboard decor and I’m going to have one in my surf shack someday. 



They had the Weingut Meyer-Nakel Spatburgunder on the enomatic machine so I attacked that one as well as a Mito Soave Garganaga which I drank with my poached egg salad.


Mmmm, I love poached eggs.  


This dish was Seared Diver Scallops with Squid Ink pasta. Honestly, I didn’t like this dish so much but it wasn’t their fault. It was due to the squid ink pasta and I’m always expecting it to taste like Conrad Calalang’s Squid Ink pasta (THE BEST EVER) so it fell short for me. 

It was only a slight disappointment though.

I always have ice cream/gelato for dessert unless the restaurant has interesting choices and in Cav’s case, I was pulled towards their Nougat Semifreddo. I was supposed to “Share” this with my dad and my uncle but when I tasted it, I didn’t get to share anymore. They had one bite each and I hogged the rest. 




It only had two triangles on the plate, but seriously? I needed five. 

Next time I go back, I will ask for FIVE. 

CAV has pretty much consistent food so I’ll keep coming back.