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So I finally found an alternative to Tivoli….and one that my father is willingly dragged to.

My father is not a very adventurous eater. He is what I call a minimalist and traditionalist. He doesn’t like fusion food. He doesn’t like foam, weird powder stuff on the plate or sous vide food. He also doesn’t like bad service. This limits the restaurants we can try in Manila. We usually go to tried and tested places but the problem is, I’ve been going to those places since I was a kid. I need a change of scenery.

When someone suggested to me to try La Girolle, I went…but I was nervous going in because I was bringing my dad and I don’t know how he’s going to react.

I finally secured a reservation and we ordered a la carte. Again, not much selection by the glass but their by the bottle list was pretty good. I can’t finish a bottle by sharing with my dad, otherwise I’d drink it all and he’d yell at me so I just order by the glass when I’m with him.

The good news is, they’ll let me bring wine without corkage although I probably won’t do that if there’s someone to share wine with me while dining there.

We started off with like a foie gras pate on toast. It was really creamy and tasty which we both liked. That set a good precedent.

La girolle 202

They didn’t have the lamb shank anymore which my dad wanted to order so he got the sous vide salpicao as his main and I got the scallops. For starters, he got the soup (I forgot what kind) and I had the salmon assiette.

Here’s my salmon assiette. I chose a Chablis Brocard Aligote which was good on its own but too heavy for the salmon assiette. Really pretty colors on the plate.

La girolle 202

My dad’s soup:
La girolle 202

For my main, I got the scallops. It was absolutely amazing. The scallops with buttery, velvety, tender with the accompaniment which was like a mushroom tart of some sort. Explosion of umami in the mouth. I didn’t leave a single drop on the plate.

La girolle 202


Check out my dad’s sous vide salpicao. I didn’t yell when I saw the salpicao. I yelled at the perfectly poached egg. I hadn’t seen those in years. I myself can barely cook it that way. Guess who punched the egg yolk and bled it?! It was so perfect. It was solid but not too solid. Like it was held by gelatin or something. But when you poked it, it oozed slowly on the plate…but not like a mess.

La girolle 202

For dessert, we shared a creme caramel. I’m not a big fan of custard desserts but I can’t really finish a pot de creme which was the other alternative. I always kind of test a chef’s capability with a custard based dessert and this one rocked. I didn’t eat most of it however, my dad got to it before I did. The sauce was made of caramel, rum and orange juice. For a while I thought it had Gran Marnier or Drambuie or something but it was too nutty to be an orange liquer so I had to ask.

La girolle 202

Menus change every three months so we’ll definitely be back.

La Girolle
30 st cor 2nd Ave
2/F Blue Sapphire Building
The Fort
Tel: (02) 478-4119

Don’t worry Tivoli! I’ll just alternate between you two for French food. HAHA. Chef Rene is too awesome to abandon.