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It’s the end of 2012 and I have nothing interesting to post as of lately so I have gone back to my photo archive to find something worth posting.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about Chuck Hughes and his visit in Manila early this year. 

I decided to post about this because I saw him on the Asian Food Channel and he was cooking Christmas Dinner with his girlfriend (who was VERY PRETTY). 

The Embassy of Canada together with the Asian Food Channel invited a bunch of local chefs to participate in a cooking demonstration with Chuck Hughes. My boss handed me the invitation and instructed me to go there (in her place), a few hours before the event. 



I schlepped over there, by doing a quick Google on Chuck Hughes, because at that time, I didn’t know who he was. My excuse: I don’t get to watch much TV. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I got there to see who he was. He was first of all, kinda cute. Had I known he was going to be cute, I would have dressed up a little bit. But I wasn’t there to look cute. I was there for “Serious business”, by serious business, I mean trying all the food he cooked and networking. 

He was really charming and down-to-earth. I remember speaking to him and teased him about Canadians and their hockey fascination. And how I would visit his restaurant and he would teach me to play hockey after. I don’t know about the hockey thing because it’s a scary sport but I’m definitely going to his restaurant, if I ever find myself in Canada.


Anyway, I was thrilled to find Canadian wine from Niagara Peninsula, as it’s difficult to find here in Manila. The last Canadian wine I had during that time was Inniskilllin ice wine which was given to me at the Culinary Institute of America in wine class by Professor Michael Weiss…in 2007.


No ice wine this time, but I still drank it anyway.

Below are photos from the event because I can’t remember much of what happened. This event happened in Feb 2012…that was a a LONG TIME AGO.












By the way, I still ate the crab, even if I’m ALLERGIC.