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My favorite condiment when I was growing up was A-1 sauce. Yes, that a-1 sauce. My family fed me a lot of steaks from the grill and we always had it in our pantry. I also liked Worcestershire sauce which I also put on my steaks.
Everything changed when I lived in China. My two best friends were a Taiwanese (A) and a Hong Konger (F) and since I couldn’t read the menus back then, I ate what they ate. They ate a lot of things but they always put this.
It’s called 辣油 layou in pinyin. It’s a chili oil made from fried dried chiles and some other stuff. I tried to make it myself when I came home using dried chiles but I failed. It tasted different so there must be other things in this jar that I don’t know about.
I flipped when I saw it yesterday at a restaurant near my house.
I ate it today with my fried rice (炒饭)chao fan and it was HEAVEN!!!!