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Cognac and White Chocolate Terrine

I ordered this dessert in a tiny restaurant in Palo Alto because it had pistachio ice cream. Yes, I ordered it for the pistachio component (I’m a nuthead) and not for the cognac and white chocolate combo. Okay, so I considered the cognac in my decision. After all, I’m a known “alcoholic” in my country where girls are supposed to be prim and proper and not chugging down wine and hard liquor like there’s no tomorrow.

It didn’t come with the pistachio ice cream on top because it ran out. They had to use vanilla. I don’t like vanilla ice cream but I was pleasantly surprised to see this and even more surprised that I liked it.

It looks good on photos too!

Taken At:
Bon Vivant
535 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301