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Yesterday’s wine pairing was A homemade Laksa and a Moscato bottle, generously given to me by wine f my wine suppliers.
It’s typhoon season here in the Philippines and yesterday’s rain was merciless with the howling wind.
I decided to stay indoors (which rarely happens as I’m always out of my house) and cook (which I no longer get to do anymore due to time constraints).

I had been missing Laksa since I last ate it in my Singapore trip last year.
I found the spice base at a supermarket and just added everything else.
Okay, so technically I cheated a little bit but I still made everything else from scratch.
It came out really hot and spicy so the Moscato really made it easy for me to eat it.
The moscato just had the right amount of sweetness to tone down the spice, without changing or drowning the spices and flavors in the Laksa.
It’s so good, I’m going to make it again, with more herbs and more tofu this time!