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There’s one thing I eat more than others….and that’s
pasta. I eat it practically 4x a week, considering our national
staple is rice and not pasta. I developed the addiction when I was
younger because of my parents who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Italian food.
This addiction was reinforced during my stay as an international
student in Florence. My friend from my wine class N mentioned to me
about a pasta tasting menu in a restaurant in San Francisco called
SPQR. He suggested I go there. I have never had a pasta tasting
menu before so I thought that would be interesting to try. I did
some research and the restaurant wasn’t really an Italian
restaurant but was just inspired by Italian cuisine. And how cool
is that? The Wine director and owner is a WOMAN! I made a
reservation the day after I left Campbell during my 2 day stay in
San Francisco. I’m glad I made a reservation because I got there at
5:30pm, and the place was already packed. I arrived there on a
Thursday and the waitress said they only served the pasta tasting
menu on Tuesdays. My face fell in disappointment so the kind
waitress told me she would ask the Chef if they could give it to me
for that day. She came back with great news! The Chef agreed and I
was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait. I didn’t really take notes because
the restaurant was really cramped and the tables were so close to
each other. I didn’t want to disturb the tables next to me with my
notebook and my giant camera so I just took photos. Each dish was
mind-blowing! They all had different flavor profiles. One was
seafood based, the other was meaty, another was creamy, well you
get the picture. I ordered a Nero D’Avola by the glass and
strangely enough, it paired well with all of my courses. I remember
the Nero D’Avola being so ashy and pungent but not too tannic so it
was a pretty interesting wine for me as well to try. I had five
pasta dishes all in all. You would think…just five??? Well, I
almost didn’t make it through when I got to my fourth. I had to ask
the server how many more dishes to go because I was going to ask
her to pack the next courses for me. I couldn’t fit it in my
stomach anymore, no matter how delicious. The courses were small
but they were rich in flavor and the pastas were made fresh so they
were heavier on the stomach. It was pretty affordable too and I was
kind of glad to see my bill. I was expecting much more. Of course,
I had just come from Masa’s and The Slanted Door so my bill
expectations were slanted way much higher. Here they are in photos.
I remember the first one as a sophisticated carbonara with sea
urching. Mmm, I love sea urchin! Untitled The second
pasta dish had lobster so I had to eat it slowly cause I’m allergic
to lobster. I did pop an antihistamine before starting my courses
as a precautionary measure. AGain, delicious! Untitled I don’t
remember what the pasta in the third course was called but I
remember this dish having gamy flavors. It went perfect with the
ashy quality of the Nero D’Avola though so I can kind of still
taste this dish in my mouth. Untitled Untitled Fourth
course – honestly I Don’t really remember. By this course, I was
way stuffed and was trying not to waste the Chef’s hard work! Untitled And finally,
I made it to the last course! Untitled Untitled I highly
recommend you try this experience. I’m going to go back and try the
a la carte menu however because it looked interesting. Plus, if
that place was packed, for sure the food’s amazing! Check it out!
SPQR http://www.spqrsf.com/ 1911 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94115