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I’m a big caffeine fanatic.
Unfortunately, I can barely find any decent coffee houses where I’m from. As far as people here are concerned, coffee = Starbucks.

I usually go on coffee hunts every time I travel. This time, I was able to go with a friend from CIA, K.
She took me to Four Barrel Coffee at this cool hipster neighborhood in SF.

I was a little intimidated because a) everyone looked hipster b) there were too many choices = coffee bean wise. We don’t have coffee shops like Four Barrel Coffee here in the Philippines so I let K choose for me.

We got Pour-over Coffee which was my first time to ever have it. We only have coffee from coffee machines so this was pretty different. It felt, artisan. For pure coffee geeks only.

I chose the El Salvador with peach, lychee and tangerine.

She told me to try it first without cream and sugar so I would taste the purity of coffee. It was great!
but midway, I needed my cream and sugar but it still maintained the flavors despite the cream and sugar I think.

The place had a great vibe. It felt like a giant warehouse for coffee geeks. I’ve only been to a giant warehouse filled with ravers/dance freaks. They’ve all been dark and kind of claustrophobic. This one was huge, very open, high ceilings, lots of light with tons of people milling around with their books and coffee.


My coffee mug with lots of splatter. Untitled Who’s the dude in the mug?




Look at how many people are in the shop at one time!


I bought a bag to take home and I’m drinking it slowly, in case I run out. I have to time it for when my dad leaves for his U.S. trip so he can bring me home some more.

Four Barrel Coffee
375 Valencia St. (at 15th)
SF, CA 94103