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Jacques Pepin came to school today to give a talk on cooking techniques. This talk was geared more towards amateur cooks versus culinary students because he was talking about techniques we use everyday in culinary classes. 

Jacques Pepin

If you don’t know who Jacques Pepin is, don’t worry. I didn’t either, prior to getting to culinary school and that was in 2006.

Jacques Pepin is a legendary French chef, serving as personal chef to Charles Gaulle, yes, as in the airport in Paris. That Charles de Gaulle. He is also known for co-hosting a cooking show with Julia Child.
Check out more of his achievements here: Jacques Pepin

I didn’t expect this guy to be funny. Prior to this, I have never seen him on TV and had only read his book which I borrowed from the Hilton Library at CIA. He was really funny. He kept saying, “Oh you know I’m not from this part of the world obviously, I’m from Connecticut.” 

He also broke that chicken so fast….but I think Chef Cheng still broke it down faster =D


I did not have any of his books with me so I had to buy his newest book called “Essential Pepin” so I could have it autographed. I was not about to pass this opportunity up.

$43.03 dollars later…

here’s my book….

Essential Pepin

…and signed!


Yes Chef!

I always cook with love, and I always will…now when I’m back home in Manila, that’s another story all together.