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I was only so happy to find a Vietnamese (or Asian in general) restaurant that was of bike-able distance to my apartment. I don’t own a car so finding restaurants that are nearby and are decent to eat at is proving to be quite a challenge. 

I found this restaurant through Yelp and while it passes my standards, I’ve had better so I won’t write down what restaurant this is.

I was just so happy to find Pho, pictured below. The broth was very flavorful and it even tasted better the next day, after I let the chiles sit in the broth. I only ate 1/4 at the restaurant and took the rest home. It was quite a big portion

I also ordered spring rolls, a different kind, fried with shrimp and taro (Favorite ingredient). 


And washed everything down with Thai ICed Tea, go figure. I totally forgot to order Vietnamese Iced Coffee. 


Will I be back? Sure! 

But once I get to Chicago, I’m heading down to Argyle, for even better stuff!!!