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One cuisine I can’t get in Manila is Southern Food. I really started getting interested in Southern food at school when we had Cuisines of Americas. I will never forget those hush puppies and buttermilk fried chicken. Those things were to die for.

From then on, I was always on the lookout for Southern cooking as well as New Orleans/Creole cuisine. 

I found this restaurant online through Yelp. I planned to go to Palo Alto, mainly to visit Stanford, but also to check out the local scene. 

I visited Stanford first and I couldn’t even get through the whole campus. I visited halfway, before I backtracked, cause I was so tired and hungry. I took the shuttle back to the Caltrain station and walked to downtown from Palo Alto from there. 

I bought a mint green circle scarf from American Apparel (LOVE IT) then proceeded to look for the restaurant. 

Downtown Palo Alto is not so big so I found it before I collapsed of hunger.



The menu said it was not technically authentic but I didn’t care. I just wanted just a hint of flavors. 


I couldn’t even decide what to get because there were so many things I wanted to eat. I was narrowing my choice down between the Fried Chicken & Cornmeal Waffles, BBQ pulled pork, veggie banh boy, spicy jambalaya and Bubba’s Shrimp fry Boy.

I finally decided to get the Bubba’s Shrimp Fry Boy with a side of mac and cheese, although I also wanted the soft sexy cheesy grits and andouille red beans.

I ordered a Havana Cocktail because by jeeves, it was hot outside!!!!


DELICIOUS! Rum is one of my favorite things to drink and this definitely did not lack rum. 

My food arrived quickly and I was salivating as it was placed in front of me.



I chose the right thing! IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! Crunchy, tangy, spicy, you could eat it with or without the bread. and the portion was huge so you definitely get what you paid for. 

The mac and cheese was good as well. It was really creamy but not thick and chunky so that you couldn’t eat a lot. 


I really tried to finish my food but my gut shrank since I got here with all the bike riding. I managed to finish my sandwich but not my mac and cheese.

I did manage to order another drink though. This time I got a strawberry ginger mojito. 



i could have ordered another drink had I had friends with me but I was alone so I stopped at two because I had to get home. 

Check out Nola for yourself next time you drop by Palo Alto, CA.


535 Ramona St.

Palo Alto, CA 94301

650 – 328-2722