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According to Wikipedia (and the nice customer I spoke to at the restaurant), Naschmarkt is actually Vienna’s most popular market.

Obviously, I am not currently in Vienna, Austria. I encountered another Naschmarkt. This Naschmarkt is a restaurant near school and it’s Austrian cuisine. 

I was looking for a place to eat on my first day upon moving in and I found this place along a very pleasant row of places. What dragged me in when I read the menu was spaetzle. 

I entered on a Tuesday night, relatively early, and it was already packed. That can only mean good things. 

I was seated at the bar and there was a nice couple there that suggested I ordered the goulash. I was thinking that or another one, but seeing as it was raining outside, I needed a good stew.


Here’s that goulash. It came with a huge ass side dish of spaetzle. LOVE SPAETZLE. 

I paired it with 2005 Manor Cabernet Sauvignon. I was picking between that or a Pinot Noir and I was glad I chose the Cab sauv. It wasn’t a heavy cab sauv, but it was right for the goulash. It didn’t overpower the goulash and had mild tannins to support the dish. It gave the goulash some structure. I think the Pinot Noir would have drowned in the dish. 

I didn’t really order an appetizer because I was costing costs. Prior to that, I went shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond to get my dorm stuff. I would be back though.

Luckily, that nice couple was interviewing me at the bar and they found out that I was starting the wine program at the nearby school. They were so impressed and excited that they decided to buy me a dessert, on the house.

They gave me a Salzberger nockerl which was a fluffy vanilla souffle with blueberry compote and Greek Yoghurt Ice Cream. 


I was actually pretty stuffed but the dessert was light enough for me to finish and took away all the aftertaste from the goulash.


The Greek yoghurt ice cream was terrific. It was tarty, but not like Red Mango. 


Visit the restaurant yourself here.

Nashcmarkt Restaurant

384 E. Campbell Ave. Campbell CA 95008 

408.378.0335 |