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Here’s my problem. 

I’m a strict food authenticity stickler. I’m not going to eat in restaurants that are pan-Asian or local restaurants that market their restaurant as “fusion food”. Fusion usually means, you don’t know your shit so you mix different types of cuisine in hopes of looking complicated/delicious. 

Example: Jap restaurant owned by a local actor *coughs* *coughs*

We don’t have problems with authenticity with Benjarong. When I think Thai food, I only think Benjarong. 

I don’t get to eat there often sadly, because my eating partner (my father) doesn’t eat ethnic food. For him, ethnic is classified as cuisine which does not belong to Western Europe or Japan. My other friends are also on limited food budgets so Benjarong is quite a splurge to eat at weekly. 

Benjarong is on the pricey side because a) it’s in a hotel and b) cause it’s freaking delicious.

I’m not going to say much except for the fact that the phad thai was so delicious, we ate it so fast that I forgot to take a photo. 

I ate there with one of my good friends MJ and another family friend who just returned from studies in Australia.  

We had:

Tord Man Pla – Fish Cake

Por Pia Savoey – Thai Spring Rolls

Roasted Duck Curry

Andaman Ob Phrik Gleua – Steamed Combination Fresh Seafood with Garlic, Coriander and Fresh Chili Sauce

Steamed Rice

We ate Khanom Tako which was sweet water chestnut and coconut cream in a pandan cup. Normally, I don’t usually eat dessert and this one actually surprised me because I don’t usually eat these type of desserts. Again, I finished it so fast I forgot to take a photo. 

So there. Hopefully, the pictures speak for themselves.

Be back for more. Lots more.