7 years ago, I went to Boracay with a couple of friends. I will never forget that Boracay trip because a) That would be my last Boracay trip (by choice) and b) I ate two plates of pasta from Aria at Station 1.

It was just a simple mediterranean pasta with smoked salmon, capers, olives and olive oil and I could make the exact same thing now but back then it made an impact on me. Maybe I was also pretty hungry. The first plate I paid with my “Boracay Allowance”, the second, I ran across Station 1 to steal my dad’s credit card so I could charge it.

When I found out it opened at the Fort, I wanted to go just to see if it was there.
It wasn’t.

Truthfully, I was disappointed although that didn’t stop me from trying other things.

Aria Spoon and Fork

I tried to get a white wine by the glass. At first they said they didn’t have any, but the server accommodated us. He found a 375ml of a Chilean Chardonnay (a little flat on initial approach and sinks towards the end, a little unbalanced but not bad) which my dad and I shared.

I could have ordered more but I was with my dad and he doesn’t eat a lot. Nobody else will help me eat so I just got Al Fume pasta (bacon, brandy and tomato sauce) and we shared a Napolitana pizza (my dad’s choice – he likes anchovies).

Al Fume Spaghetti

They cook their pasta al dente which is how it should be. Admittedly, I like my pasta overcooked (cause I don’t chew my food) hahahaha.


I like their crust and the distribution of anchovies =D. My dad likes thin crust, but I think it was just perfect. I ate everything, even the edges.

Capped everything off with a Classic Tiramisu which I judge all Italian restaurants by. Nice, light and fluffy!

…and another round of Jamba Razzmatazz across the street!

On a side note: my dad said they should fix the acoustics of the place. You can hear everyone talking and it reverberates in the ears. I don’t really mind but I guess the older generation does.