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Their new chef Chef Remy is really talented!

Been messing with the editing process. I have been taking really bad pictures lately due to the fact that I’ve been uninspired since I’ve been stuck at work and have not had the chance to travel and be free.

Food is my only remedy, and even then, not enough, from the comments of everybody who tell me “I have not been eating enough”.

Orange Ricotta Ravioli Amuse Bouche

Orange Ricotta Ravioli

Escargot Casserole

I’m not an escargot eater. In fact, I’ve never eaten it before, not even when I was in Paris. I guess it wasn’t time for me to eat it and I wasn’t ready. I had no qualms about ordering this however. Might as well start now before I turn 30. NO REGRETS!!!!

What helped for me to eat it was the cream and the celeriac/fennel-ish/licorice-y flavor and the serrano ham which perhaps masked any sliminess that I have imagined escargot in my head to be. I think the traditional way that escargot is served with butter only reinforces the sliminess since butter slides right down your throat.

It was really an interesting way to serve escargot with the puff pastry cover on top of the casserole. I love anything “Crusty” and “pie”-like and have never seen puff pastry on top of a serving dish (just surrounding the rim).

Paired with Spy Valley Pinot Noir. Not a seamless pair but is okay. Would have done a lighter wine next time to highlight the dish. Also, I think the bottle’s been open for a while so it’s about to get cork’d but I still drank it cause I noticed the corked quality too late. My bad.

U.S. Angus Rossini with Potato and Black Truffle Sauce

Paired with St. Hallet’s Shiraz-Grenache – probably shouldn’t have ordered a shiraz since I’m not a fan. I could barely finish the wine. Also, the wine was too strong for this dish I think. Perhaps a Burgundy would have fared better or a Malbec.