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The first restaurant I went to upon reaching New York City from St. Vincent and the Grenadines was Marea by Michael White.

I really wasn’t familiar with Michael White but a lot of food critics have been writing about him so I decided to include it in my list of restaurants.

It was easy to get to since I know the area of Time Warner like the back of my hand but I woke up late due to flight exhaustion so I jumped in the cab. It took me 5-7 minutes from mid-town Grand Central.

It was situated on street level of an apartment building. Very discreet with not much a sign.

I got there pretty early so I was one of the first customers there. I bet they didn’t expect a tiny Asian girl dining alone. HAHAHA.

The interiors were classy with warm colors. I have to say the lighting was pretty bad for my camera, or maybe I still don’t know how to use my camera.

All those reds threw off my white balance. I didn’t know how to fix it cause I only brought my prime lens.


I tried to fix the color imbalances with my camera. One of them is the plate photo I took.

Marea Plate

Tada! Color imbalance is fixed! HAHAHA! Plate and table was nice and pristine!

They gave me bread to start but I didn’t touch it cause I didn’t want to ruin my appetite.

Focaccia Marea

I started with Dentiche which is a carpaccio composed of pacific snapper, orange, pistachio and carrot vinaigrette.


I paired this with a Fiano di Avellino. I didn’t take any tasting notes for the wine so I assume it was just okay, nothing stellar. It paired well with the Dentiche however, and brought out it’s citrusy notes in the wine.

I followed up this course with PANSOTTI whole milk ricotta ravioli, basil pesto, ricotta salata. The only reason I ordered this was because I had been travelling back and forth for days (Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, Carribean and back to JFK) and I wanted comfort food which is pasta.

Otherwise I would have chosen FUSILLI- durum wheat pasta, red wine braised octopus, bone marrow or
CANNOLICCHI – steamed razor clams, heirloom tomato, fennel, saron, basil or SEPPIA – cuttlefish tagliatelle, sorito crudo, bottarga di muggine.

In any case, it fulfilled my “comfort food” craving. The ricotta salata was so velvety and rich. Mmmm!


For my main, I got Ippoglosso which was alaskan halibut alla piastra, corn, soppresetta, manila clams, romesco and arugula. It was okay from what I remember. I looked back at the current menu and would have enjoyed the current Ippoglosso more because now it has broccoli rabe, cippolini and roasted trumpet mushrooms.


ippoglosso 2

The best part for me was dessert even though I rarely eat dessert. I cannot resist homemade donuts and bomboloni is kind of like a donut. I can’t stand the commercial donuts (Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts) but I really appreciate the ones made by real pastry chefs.

fried doughnut holes, lemon cream
prickly pear sorbet, cassis


I loved the combination of hot (bombolini) and cold (prickly pear sorbet) and sweet (donut) and sour (lemon cream). PLus, the bombolini was not sweet at all and fresh. YUMMMM!!!



Can’t wait to try Osteria Morini after this.

Marea: Cucina del Mare. 240 Central Park South New York 10019. T 212.582.5100

By the way, Happy New Year from the Central Business District of Southeast Asia!!!!