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As much as I would like to write about Osteria Mozza, which I took a photo of here:

I really ate at Pizzeria Mozza which was right next door.
Had I known there was an Osteria, I would have booked a reservation there but I was in the mood for some gourmet pizza anyway. I don’t usually eat at pizzerias when I travel but I just got curious.

We took an early reservation at 6:00PM so we wouldn’t have to wait till late at night.

We took our table…


…ordered wine….(chose a Pinot Grigio “Vigne Orsonne”, Bastianich, but I should have gotten the Friulano that I recommended for my friend). The wine really didn’t leave a lasting impression and was a bit flat…but why am I complaining? It’s house wine. Whatever, I’ll drink it. It’s ten times better than the house wines you can find in the local restaurants here.



…and perused over the menu.



When I read a menu, I find key words which are ingredients that are rarely listed in the local restaurants here. I also find a combination of ingredients which may be listed here but are never combined together.

Our friend soon arrived and I ordered quickly as we were ready to dig in and warned my friend against filling up on the crisp flatbreads, though tempting.


I chose:

Crispy Goat Cheese with Lentils mainly because of the play in textures. And who doesn’t love goat cheese?



I also chose Arancine alla Bolognese which is just fried risotto balls in Bolognese sauce, simple and comforting.



I also ordered fried squash blossoms with ricotta just to introduce the concept to my friends. The last time I had it was in cooking class in Florence and I was stuffing the hell out of the squash blossoms.
Sadly, it was unavailable so I asked the server for a suggestion and he made me choose between the Meatballs Al Forno or the Bone Marrow Al Forno. I obviously chose Bone Marrow Al Forno because we like to live on the edge…edge of cholesterol.

This by far was our favorite. I’ve had bone marrow cooked this way before but I enjoyed it because I liked watching my friends’ reactions while devouring that bone marrow. 3 of us shared it and we literally portioned it out. Of course, we could have ordered another one of it, but that would have been sinful. Plus, I ordered 3 other pizzas, thinking our friends T and H would join us, who just arrived from Indonesia.



L chose Goat Cheese, leeks, scallions, garlic and bacon which was pretty upfront tasty. For me, bacon + Goat cheese + leeks and scallions + bacon = winning combination.


I chose Egg, Guanciale, bitter greens and bagna cauda which was good but not how I expected it to taste like. I was hoping for more bagna cauda flavors (anchovies) but the egg and the guanciale on it was awesome. It reminded me of the Beijing Duck Breakfast Pizza we made at the restaurant I worked at in Beijing.



The big surprise of the night was the last pizza: Robiola, Chanterelles, ramps and scallions.

This blew our minds away.

Maybe it was the grassy and herby combination of the ramps and scallions and the earthiness of the chanterelles combined with the luscious, velvet robiola cheese that got us hooked.



This inspired me to make my own pizza. And then I went home, and I got lazy. So there’s that.

Being the indulgent pigs that we were, we finished ALL of our food, considering we ordered for 5.

See proof of us being excessive gluttons:



Our friends should have showed up, then we could have ordered more.

Like I still wanted to order:
1) Burrata, slow roasted tomato, oregano
2) Fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions
3) Buricotta with peperonata, olive taggiasche & oregano
4) Pizzette: squash blossom, burrata & tomato
5) Long cooked broccoli, caciocavallo & chiles
6) White anchovy, tomato & fresh red chiles

The waiter actually recommended the Pizza alla benno: Speck, pineapple, jalapeño, mozzarella & tomato but I HATE, HATE, HATE pineapple on my food, let alone on my pizza.

At least I have another excuse to go back and be a pig.

Thanks Batali/Silveton/Bastianich!

Oh but next time, I’m eating at the Osteria. And I’m buying the books.


Pizzeria Mozza
10 Bayfront Avenue
+65 6688 8522

Make a reservation. It gets packed!