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Where was I during the long weekend?

Normally, I would be at the cemetery, visiting my mother, but I asked permission from her two weeks ago when I visited her grave that I would be going to Singapore instead of visiting her during All Saint’s Day.

So that’s where I was.

I went with a good buddy for a food-filled vacation (since I practically starve in my own country).

I did a good job of eating every 2 hours. I had a see-and-eat rule. If I see it, I’ll eat it!!!

We had two to-die for meals, one at Pizzeria Mozza, the other at Jumbo Seafood. I will post about Pizzeria Mozza next time. This post will be about Jumbo Seafood.

I’ve been there before, but last time, I couldn’t eat any crab because I didn’t bring any antihistamines. This trip, I was loaded, since I was taking them for my heat allergy.

My friends and I were supposed to go to a gastropub called The Disgruntled Chef but it was apparently closed on Mondays. So sad. I was looking forward to trying it. We were walking around Dempsey and I remembered Tippling Club so we looked for it. It was open and there were free tables but it was pricey for that night. We just felt like chilling and getting our hands dirty. We had our fancy-schmancy (well not too fancy-schmancy) at Mozza.

There was Jumbo Seafood again, and since I haven’t really eaten much seafood, I decided to eat there.

Jumbo Seafood

I ordered the dishes my tita ordered before so we started with the Salted Egg Golden Prawns. The sauce was less this time so it was better because it wasn’t too rich for me to enjoy. Last time it was a bit too rich because the sauce was really thick.

Prawns in Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

Delicious! I got a small order so it was just perfect while waiting for our friend L to get to Jumbo from work.

We also ordered a Riesling from Mosel, Germany with the idea of ordering Chili Crab = spicy in my mind.

Riesling @ Jumbo Seafood

It was only SGD $58! So cheap, it was worth it.A glass was SGD$12 and all 3 of us were definitely capable of drinking more than a glass. Actually, the sauvignon blanc I had was pretty tasty but I’m glad we went with the Riesling. It was a dry riesling as I expected with just a hint of sweetness which was perfect for the chili crab since it wasn’t as spicy. I usually drink a sweet Riesling with extremely spicy foods like Sichuan cuisine so this was one was just right.

When we found out L was on the way to Jumbo from work, we ordered the rest of our meal starting with Fried Prawns with Cereal.

Cereal Prawn

DELICIOUS!!! Sweet, creamy, and crunchy! It tasted even better than the cereal prawns I first had at Newton Centre. I took my friend there on the first day after we landed but it was closed for lunch. I’m glad we had this instead. It definitely refreshed my taste buds about how it’s supposed to be made.

Then we got down to the real business: CHILI CRAB.

I hadn’t eaten crab in ages without getting stabbed with Benadryl so I went a bit slow at first. Also, it’s been a while since I had to eat crab by myself so I had difficulty getting the meat from the cracks and crevices.

Chili Crab 2

Chil Crab 1

Our bill for this meal was less than what we paid for at Mozza, considering we had a bottle of wine. Of course, we were still stuffed like pigs so we hobbled over to Ben and Jerry’s to stuff ourselves even more.

Ben and Jerry's

I ordered a single scoop of cookie dough ice cream and practically couldn’t walk after.

I got two patches to stick on to my camera bag and a T-shirt to “play football”/ walk my dogs in.

We then headed over to Harry’s Bar for our nightcap before heading home on my last night in Singapore.

So sad. I really didn’t want to leave.

Currently, my stomach is grumbling cause I have NOTHING to eat. Well, NOTHING that I would eat.