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There are three 3 restaurants responsible for my fine dining experiences locally. I grew up in all these 3 restaurants. They are:

1) Tivoli – where I used to go in just my grade school uniform
2) La Primavera – owned by the same man who owns Werdenberg/Santi’s
3) Prince Albert – Intercon hotel, where my dad took my mom on dates during the courting stage

Tivoli was the one I frequented the most and was really responsible for upping my taste buds and not tolerating children’s menu…IN ANY RESTAURANT.

I went back recently and they have a great chef. A lot of interesting stuff on their menu and their wine list is EXCELLENT. How I wish I could have the same inventory as they do…but I don’t work in a hotel.

My father got this interesting dish…I forgot what it’s called. Something “Moroccan”. I was too engrossed with my own dish but I took a photo cause it looked really cool.

Some Moroccan Packet Thing

I got Foie Gras Torchon with candied/dried figs, etc. Do I need to explain this? It’s FOIE GRAS.

Foie Gras Torchon 2

Foie Gras Torchon 1

Then I got the Sole and Truffle Quenelle with Nantua Sauce cause it sounded interesting. I barely passed skills because I could barely make a quenelle. It was at externship where I mastered the quenelle. A bit too late but the quenelles still haunt me till this very day. I forgot what Nantua Sauce was made of (original is crayfish) and I’m allergic but I still ordered it and later researched what it really was.

I am so glad I did not hold back…and that I had antihistamine with me. This dish was AMAZING.

I’m thinking they ground up the sole and poached it then placed it in the oven with the sauce in the bowl and broiled it. It was AMAZING. I’m still thinking about it.

Sole and Truffle Quenelle with Prawn and Nantua Sauce

My dad had lamb but he really wanted my dish. I didn’t let him try cause he’s also allergic and it’s riskier for him to try it.

Didn’t bother to try it anymore. Lamb is lamb. But again, it was presented well.

Roast Lamb

After Dinner Munchies

Good job, Chef.

I’ll be back. For sure.