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I’ve been hearing about GT Fish & Oyster for a while so when my cousin and I were out downtown (shopping as usual), we thought about going here instead of Le Colonial (which we ended up going to the next day).

Here’s the wine list and I chose a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand since we were having seafood.

GT Fish & Oyster

Here’s a glimpse of their menu.
GT Fish & Oyster

Relatively straight forward, easy to pick from and decide, mostly little bites and not too expensive which is great for a bunch of friends who just want to catch up over food.

My cousin and I ordered a few dishes and just shared them.

We both agreed on the PEI Mussels with roasted tomato and basil which was the absolute winner I must say. The sauce with the mussels was on-the-spot, tomato with lots of flavors and herb and garlic and smoke which I love. We ate it so fast and if weren’t both watching our weights, we would have gotten two orders.

GT Fish & Oyster

GT Fish & Oyster

Then we got the Oyster Po’ Boys because I wanted a Po Boy so bad even though I wasn’t anywhere near the South.

GT Fish & Oyster

Too small, I say. TOO SMALL!!!

We both also agreed on the fish taco with chipotle aioli, chicharon and garlic and it was EXCELLENT. The tortilla was so soft and the fish with the aioli gave it that kick plus the texture given by the chicharon when you bite into it made it unforgettable.


GT Fish & Oyster

GT Fish & Oyster

I really wished we had another order. 3 wasn’t enough for my cousin and I.

I also chose GT Lobster Mac and Cheese because I love Mac and Cheese even though I’m allergic to lobsters and probably shouldn’t be eating it….

I ate it anyway….

GT Fish & Oyster

We finished off with basil gnocchi which we ordered later than the others because we were still hungry and just wanted a little something to polish off our evening.

GT Fish & Oyster

And there it was. I ended up eating the whole thing because my cousin was full.

Thanks cuz for the memorable dinner.

GT Fish & Oyster
531 N. Wells
Corner of Grand and Wells
Chicago, IL

P.S. I used my point and shoot camera for this one so the quality isn’t as good. SLR weighs you down when you’re doing hardcore shopping =D