I’m not a big fan of Filipino food because of the fact that they put vinegar in pretty much everything.
Apple cider vinegar I can take, balsamic vinegar, maybe red wine vinegar but none of that nasty white distilled vinegar that I can smell a foot away.

I went with my classmates from Mandarin class to treat out our teacher who was going back to China. I was curious as to where the locals eat nowadays. I could only eat the Sinigang na Salmon (which was good, sour as I like it) and the crispy liempo which I ordered for myself, in case I couldn’t eat anything else.

This is just your regular pork belly, marinated the way Filipinos do it for grilling and then deep fried.

It’s like my version of Begging Strips. Best with Rice and Mang Tomas of Course

Crispy Liempo @ Kanin Club