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Lunch today was obviously ricotta gnocchi. Since I bought a tub of ricotta cheese last night, I decided to have a go at it.

Ricotta gnocchi is a fairly simple and straightforward recipe but involves quite a few steps. After mixing ricotta cheese, flour, eggs and parmesan cheese, you roll this into the gnocchi shape and test one in boiling water to see if it holds shape. When it floats and holds its shape, it’s cooked. If not, you add more flour if it’s too sticky or more egg if it’s too dry.

Raw Ricotta Gnocchi

After you cook it in boiling water, you can toss it in the sauce or if you’re like me, prefer a crispier texture, then you pan-fry it in some butter just till it’s nice and golden brown.

Toasted Ricotta Gnocchi

Pan-Fried Ricotta Gnocchi

Set the gnocchi aside and make the sauce. Saute soaked porcini mushrooms with some butter, add some of the soaked liquid to intensify flavor then add the cream. Simmer to nappe consistency and add in gnocchi to re-heat. SERVE.


Porcini-Ricotta Gnocchi

Finished Product - Porcini Ricotta Gnocchi