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I bought a container of kochujang/gochujang (Korean: 고추장 at my favorite 24 hour Korean supermarket in Subic. Buying there is so much cheaper than buying Korean food in Manila, plus it’s 24 hours.

I thought about making bibimbap during my free time, but then again, what free time do I have these days? Any free time I have, I spend out with my friends instead of cooking. So it’s been storing for a while (3 weeks) in my fridge, unopened, waiting to be used.

I finally got to use it as my brother had a catering function and served bulgogi. When the plate got to me, it didn’t look like bulgogi. More like bibimbap so I asked my nanny to toss it back in the pan together with some rice and I put in the magic kochujang.

Amazing. So simple, yet so delicious in my own Korean bowl, using my own Korean chopsticks.

Bulgogi with Kochujang

Bulgogi with Kochujang

Bulgogi with Kochujang

Pictures taken at different modes on my Sony Cybershot HXV5.