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The most awesome thing about being a sommelier is having inexpensive (or reasonably priced) access to amazing wines. I’ve only bought 3 bottles since I started and the rest are being given to me.

I bought a Chateau Ste. Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate Cabarnet Sauvignon 2007 for a BBQ day. Unfortunately, I’m not patient enough to wait for my friends to free their schedules up for a BBQ so I just made Mama’s Ribs and ate it with my brother.

Apologies for the bad photo as I’m currently hungover from a wild night last night. The ribs were also 3/4 eaten before I remembered to take a photo.

Amazing pairing as the Chateau Ste. Michelle offers smoky and fruity flavors which blend well with the smoky, charcoal flavor of the ribs and the relatively sweet BBQ marinade. I chilled it a little bit because room temperature in Manila is obviously different from ideal serving conditions of red wine.

Food and Wine Pairing Sunday