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There’s nothing like Middle Eastern cuisine to make me all tingly inside. I never used to like it but I made some friends of that race and have been introduced to their amazing cuisine.

The smell of their different spices is amazing and had not Little India in Singapore been too crazy for me (with all the men staring), I would have made it in and bought all the spices and taken it home with me.

But for now, I just troop over to Hossein’s and try a new dish each time.

I got Roti Channai and Lamb Alo Korma. See pictures below.


Roti Channai @ Hossein's


My dad got Lamb Vindaloo but forgot to take a picture. I was so hungry, I dropped my camera and inhaled my food in minutes. Gotta love their saffron rice. Must admit that I can’t really taste the saffron and can only taste the butter. Not going to complain though. I LOVE BUTTAH!

I say “Hurrah” for a stomach well-fed.