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I went to Japan with two goals.
Goal #1: Go Tsukiji Market, watch the auction and have a sushi breakfast. Check.
Goal#2: Eat at Joel Robuchon Restaurant.

The first goal was easily accomplished. The second was a failure, although not a complete one.

What happened was, I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to eat at Robuchon so he mentioned it to the concierge. My dad didn’t know that there were two restaurants, the one I wanted to go, and the bistro type (cheaper) which was called L’Atelier De Restaurant. Stupid me assumed that our reservation was at Joel Robuchon Restaurant and I only found out the night before that it was actually a L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. I tried to fix it but too late. Apparently, the concierge knew I wanted to eat at Joel Robuchon Restaurant. I asked the concierge the night before my dad asked them to make a reservation. The concierge tried to squeeze me in the main restaurant but since the Japanese are filthy rich, they’ve completely booked the place for 3 months now so no space for little me. The concierge squeezed me in L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon successfully but I already had my hopes up.

I sulked to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and almost missed my reservation due to circumstances I cannot control but thankfully I didn’t miss it.

Japan 2010

Japan 2010

Japan 2010
After scanning the a la carte menu and the set menus, I decided to get the Menu Du Jour. So here it is.

L’Aubergine – la mozzarella et le poivron rouge en ballottine à la tomate et huile de basilic

Light appetizer, refreshing as the weather outside was a bit sticky.

Wine: Trial Hill Riesling Maverick Winery 2008 Eden Valley Australia
golden yellow, dry, hint of oak, medium bodied, crisp. with a medium finish

Le Foie Gras De Canard – à la plancha en risotto au parmesan

Epitome of lusciousness and velvety. Risotto as it should be, “al onda”, or wavy. The foie gras upped the richness of the dish, good thing it was only a small portion.

L’ISAKI – avec des pommes de terre écrasées et saladeverte à la moutarde

I’m told Isaki was a Japanese fish and I did my research and it’s Grunt in English. It tastes like bass, white, creamy, and buttery.

Wine: Meursault Premier Cru Charmes Domaine Buisson Battuit France 2007

I really liked this wine. It was powerful, not too acidic, and had a nutty, mineral touch. It was golden yellow color, dry, oaky, medium-full bodied, crisp with a long finish. I kind of wished I got a bottle as the bottle was cheaper than 2 glasses of wine.

The best part was dessert.

La Figue
fraîche et en glace avec une mousse de fromage blanc et pamplemousse mariné au Campari

The dessert was a combination of bitter (brought about by Campari) and sweet (strawberry), rich (mousee of fromage blanc) and tart. It was awesome, perfect serving size. If you eat too much, it’d be overwhelming.

All in all, I was happy. I’m not missing out on Joel Robuchon Restaurant next time though.