Look what came in the mail!

Prize from Singapore c/o Sony and Livejournal

Sony Cybershot HX5v contents

It’s my prize for this entry .

I’m so happy!!!!!

I actually won! I thought somebody was playing a joke on me or it was spam or something. I didn’t think I would get the prize because I thought it would get trapped in Customs or something.

I’ve never won an electronic gadget before and that’s my favorite kind of prize! Especially a camera.

Thank you Sony and Livejournal! I am very happy today! WHEEEEEE!!!!

I am beyond thrilled. It’s 11:18pm and I have to get to sleep but I cannot.

I am simply too excited!!!

Guess I will be using this camera for some of my food photos as well. I now have 5 cameras currently. I have another one coming, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s. Yeesh!