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Here’s a simple pleasure for the average joe as a way of addressing my friend’s request to a not so fancy post.

Take the Chiyoda or Futukoshin Line to Meiji-jingumae (C-3; F-15) and get off. You will see a relatively decent stall called Gindaco which sells Takoyaki balls. It’s tourist friendly with lots of huge pictures and illustrations of their products and they have side counter where customers can eat their takoyakis.

I got the regular ones for Y500 and has 8 pieces (huge ones I might add) which are enough for a light lunch (if you’re 5’1″ and under a 100 pounds). They have other options (same filling, different sauces) which costs a bit more.

See menu.

They’re awesome. They came really hot so when I bit into one, I almost dropped it in my lap as it almost rolled out of my mouth due to the steam that came out from the balls. They’re light and airy with some texture pulls on the octopus. The sauce/gravy is really tasty and would have been kind of awesome if they served rice so you could eat the gravy with rice.

But that’s the Filipino in me talking.

I was savoring my takoyaki balls when a Caucasian couple spotted me eating and got curious. They checked me again and finally decided to order. They sat next to me as well but I didn’t talk to them. Judging from their accents and wardrobe, I would say West Coast couple or outter East Coast (definitely not NYC).

And now, the Takoyakis before it got devoured.

I don’t know why WordPress won’t let me add photos from Flickr. I’ll have to figure that out. But right now, I’m too lazy to get out my external hard drive where the photos are so just click on the link for now.

Till next post! Ta-ta!